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How to enrol your child?


1. Complete our online waiting list application below.

2. Once a permanent place is available for your child (children), you will be emailed an offer letter and you will need to accept this offer by the specified date and complete the enrolment form.

3. When the enrolment form and admin fee ($75) are received, we will contact you to organize the orientation days.

4. Attend the orientation days with your child and start his (or her) learning journey at Noriter!

Why Choose Us?

'Research shows quality early education and care leads to better health, education and employment outcomes later in life. So, it’s really important to support your child with quality experiences for their growth and development.'

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Respectful Relationships

We uphold the right of children to feel safe, respected, heard, and always have access to quality education within our service.


Children at Noriter know they are cared for, listened to, and respected, and they have the chance to give input into their learning.


We recognize that building relationships take time and effort. Educators are genuine and warm in their interactions with children. Educators provide a calm environment where children can develop a sense of belonging and learn to be compassionate, confident, independent, responsible, and resilient.

Bilingual Education

Our Bilingual Education focuses on promoting cultural & linguistic diversity. The language immersion program is not limited to one particular language. Instead, we support the needs of each child to maintain their heritage language and explore the beauty of diversity throughout our play-based learning program.

At Noriter, everyone takes part in this journey.

All our children, educators and families are encouraged to lead the bilingual programs, introducing us to greetings, songs and stories in their first language.

The unique cultural influence that every child, educator and family brings is our Bilingual Education's foundation. 

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Nutritious Meals

Our menus are planned in accordance with Menu Planning Guidelines from the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, which are based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and are also approved by Nutrition Australia.

We believe good nutrition is essential for our children’s healthy brains and lifelong health and wellbeing.

We offer a healthy, well-balanced, multicultural menu cooked daily by an on-sight Chef, and

NO REFINED SUGAR is added to our recipes.

We are an allergy aware centre that provides for the needs of children with anaphylaxis, asthma, allergies, religious beliefs and lifestyles.

Nature-based Curriculum

Nature offers infinite ways to support children's cognitive, physical and emotional development.

Our natural environment and carefully chosen resources encourage children to wonder, explore, imagine, investigate, and take risks. We utilise project-based collaborative learning initiated by children, families, and educators to learn about Nature, with Nature, and in Nature.

Sustainability is embedded in our practices, fostering children's sense of appreciation for the environment and encouraging them to be environmentally responsible through caring for the land and living things.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value our rich diversity of culture, language, abilities and experiences. We invite and encourage families, children and educators to share their cultural heritage, beliefs and traditions reflected throughout our curriculum and guide our practices.


We foster an inclusive culture where we teach children to respect and welcome others regardless of different abilities, backgrounds or interests.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is integral to our program as it allows children to feel connected and actively contribute to their expanding world.

Working closely with various community services including incursion and excursion programs enable our children to embrace new experiences and build a better understanding of the community in which we live.


Kindness, Compassion and Empathy are highly valued by our Noriter community members, and we seek the opportunity of giving back to those less fortunate. We hold fundraising events for various organisations such as Cancer Council, Pyjama Foundation, Epilepsy Foundation and Rural Aid Australia.

Book a Tour

Visit our centres to meet our Centre Manager and Noriter Bilingual Early Learning team.

We would love to meet you to get to know more about your family's requirements, share our philosophy and introduce you to our nature-inspired learning environment.

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